Do you feel like you're always forgetting important things on your to-do list or remember too late? If so, this post is for you! Here are 10 helpful lists to keep in your planner. From meal planning to daily to-do lists, these lists will help you stay organized and on top of your game. 

10 helpful lists you can keep in your planner:

  1. Daily to-do list:
    Write down your tasks for the day to help you stay organized and focused.

  2. Weekly meal plan:
    Plan out your meals for the week to save time and money on groceries.

  3. Monthly budget:
    Keep track of your expenses and income to stay financially responsible.

  4. Important dates:
    Write down birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events to remember.

  5. Reading list:
    Keep track of books you want to read or have already read.

  6. Habit/fitness tracker:
    Keep track of your workouts and progress towards fitness goals.

  7. Bucket list:
    Write down your dreams and goals to keep you motivated.

  8. Travel itinerary: Plan out your travel details including flights, hotel reservations, and activities.

  9. Gratitude list: Write down things you are grateful for to keep a positive mindset.

  10. Ideas list: Keep track of ideas for future projects or tasks to stay inspired and productive.

Lists are one of the best ways to declutter your mind. Once your list is out on paper, you reduce the mental load of keeping “it all” in your head which can create unnecessary stress in your life. Feeling inspired? We’d love to hear what lists you plan to keep in your planner!