undated daily layout


You may have wondered why undated planners exist. Why buy something undated when there is a dated option? Well I am here to tell you that undated planners are an excellent option for those who are in search of the ultimate planning tool.


Consider this. You’ve purchased a planner, with wonderful intentions to map out each day. Then life happens. Maybe you have a week off and have no particular plans or you’re a student with an extended winter break. An undated planner is flexible, allowing you the freedom to start and stop when it is convenient for you. No wasted pages or space. And bonus, zero guilt about missing a few days of planning. 


There is no better way to boost productivity than writing down your goals. Likewise, when you write down life events, you are more likely to remember them. With an undated planner you take the time to write out dates, holidays, special events along with your goals and plans. You are reinforcing the importance of things you choose to document. Thus, telling your brain “hey, this thing is something I find valuable and worthy or remembering”. 


An undated planner not only allows for the flexibility to jump into planning whenever you want but it also serves as a tool for mapping out literally anything. It could be a work schedule, home projects, blog content, finances, event planning…. the list is full of endless possibilities. Each spread is a canvas for you to be as creative as you want with organizing the many aspects of life. 

.  .  .  .  .    

So there it is, my top reasons for why an undated planner makes for one of the best planning systems. With June Paper Market, I wanted to create a planner that was not only flexible but also customizable, allowing for you to build a planner that matched your exact needs. If you are interested in receiving exclusive pre-order access once they go live, I invite you to join the waitlist HERE