3 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day While Quarantined

For many of us, this Mother's Day will be strange. Shelter in place orders are still in effect for many states and nothing beats sharing time quality together. However, below are 3 ways that you can still show Mom that she is special, even while quarantined. 

1. Video chat during a meal 

Just because you can't share a meal in person, try setting up a time to video chat over lunch, dinner or a cup of coffee. Share stories that make you laugh and try to limit talk about the virus. Focus only on conversation topics that are positive and 

2. Make post-quarantine plans 

Imagine that restrictions have been lifted and it's safe to meet up again, what would your in person Mother's Day plans look like? Map out the details, set up a tentative date and share it with Mom. Just because you can't be together on the actual scheduled holiday doesn't mean you can't create your own Mother's Day pt. 2. 

3. Send her a handwritten letter 

Surprise Mom with a heartfelt handwritten letter in her mailbox. Attach something sweet you may have around the house like a homemade dessert or leftover Easter candy. 

May 05, 2020 — Monique Snyder
Tags: Planning