How To Plan Out Your Month - The Easy Way

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of the month, overbooked with events and stressed to no end? Or said yes to too many things ended up with a completely overbooked schedule? That was me, until I started to planning out my months ahead of time. I immediately began to feel the stress melt away because I had a clear picture of what my upcoming month would look like. 

This process is amazing for keep track of the bigger picture. When all of your know commitments are mapped out, you feel in control of your schedule and less anxious with the fear of forgetting something important. 

Preparing to plan: 

  • Collect all of your known commitments for the upcoming month. 
  • Set aside least 30 minutes, preferably in a quiet place.
  • Grab a blank monthly calendar. If you need one, download mine for free here ( 

How to plan your month:

Recognize and make note of any important holidays. Google the upcoming month, and write down the holiday's you are planning to celebrate. 

Write down anniversaries, parties, birthdays, and celebrations. Pencil in time to search for and purchase gifts at least two weeks in advance. 

Make note of appointments, meetings, family time, self care and personal goals. 


Month of July 2020 Planned Out

And remember allow for flexibility, and give yourself grace. The last thing you want is to pack your month so tight that you zero room to breathe. The beauty of monthly planning is that it allows you to prioritize the things that matter most, and cut out things that can wait.




June 30, 2020 — Monique Snyder